Thursday, January 8, 2015

3.. 2.. 1.. Let's jam!

Well folks, it's time to get this show on the road! I promised myself I'd start posting as soon as I had a keyboard and here we are. I'd really like to use this blog as a way to keep myself productive (if not focussed HA!). This will also be my way of sharing what I'm up to with friends across the country (world?). So to start off with, I'd like to show some of the progress I've made on some minis since moving back to the East Coast:

I also have 6 Rangers fully completed, but have yet to grab some pics of them. For now, I'm trying to finish a decent sized force for both British and Americans to do a demo game for a friend at Adepticon. I know I can get everything assembled by then, but painted may be a different story....

Also in the queue for Adepticon is my Mechanicum army for the Zone Mortalis event. Being only 500 points means that my force is actually 7 models: 1 Magos, 3 Thallax, and 3 Secutors. Still, I'd like to have these guys looking nice, so I'll be building the Magos and Secutors so that I can paint them all at once. I will need to find a new source of primer though. I've come to rely on the OSH primer pretty heavily and have run out of black. Hopefully my newfound enthusiasm for Android: Netrunner won't keep me from getting my minis projects completed on time!


  1. Still sad you didn't start with Netrunner until after you moved! :P

    Love seeing these figures. Keep painting and posting, since it will help spur me to paint myself. Take care!

  2. Good to see some minis Geoff :)
    Whose Redcoats are they? They're really cool figures. Oh and the painting is pretty good too, I guess ;)

    1. The Native Americans are from North Star (metal) and the Lobsterbacks are the Wargames Factory Plastics. In my experience, they're the nicest historical plastics on the market!

  3. They look great! One part of doing historicals that is my favorite is actually sourcing the models. I'm sourcing models for a Slovak platoon for WW2 at the moment...