Friday, January 30, 2015

Taghmata Procrastinarium coming online

Well it's been a while since my last post but I haven't forgotten my humble blog! This time around I thought I'd chance gears a bit and talk about some Horus Heresy. I've been working to build the last few models that I need for the Adepticon 30k Zone Mortalis event. Perhaps first then, my list:

Magos Dominus
Rad/Irad Cleanser, Volkite Serpenta
90 points

Myrmidon Secutors x3
2 Graviton, 2 Maxim bolters, 2 Phased Plasma-fusils
210 points

Thallax Cohort x3
Lightning Gun, 2x Chainblades
170 points

Fast Attack (HAH!)
Tarantula Sentry gun battery
Heavy Bolters
30 points

So that's it. Eight models total for 500 points. A marine army at that size can usually fit one HQ, 1 Tac squad, and a dreadnaught, with maybe 5 specialist troops or so. I'm hoping the Secutors can do some decent damage and let the Thallax sit back and win the game for me, but 500 points is SO SMALL for HH games that I'm just not sure who could possibly bring enough units for objective games.

All of the modles in my list are Forge World, with the exception of the Tarantula Turret. I'm hoping they'll let me use the bottom of a Thunderfire Cannon with a Razorback turret on top. Otherwise I'll be playing down 30 points.

As far as assembly goes I have to admit that I'm having trouble, which has led to frustration, which has lead to procrastination. For starters though, I began by soaking all of the pieces in soapy (dish detergent) water. Then I go over them with more soap and a toothbrush. Then of course I rinse. I specifically bought a metal strainer so that parts wouldn't fall down the drain, and it's been quite handy to have. Once rinsed I let everything dry on paper towels for at least a night (usually a week because I get distracted).

A word here about working with resin: it is toxic, but not as much as we have made it out to be in the distant past of The Independent Characters. I do use a simple dust mask when I'm doing a lot of filing. Usually this is when cleaning up around the feet or base.

The Thallax Cohort has been one of the most frustrating hobby experieces I've ever had. Since I glued the arms without testing the power cables, I was left to bend them after the fact. I used both the hair dryer and hot water techniques to do this. Both have their drawbacks. The hair dryer was tough to manage due to not having enough hands and arms to move things around quickly. The hot water meant that I have to dry the pieces before I could glue them. In the end, a fair amount of shaving, fudging, and swearing were all required to achieve an "acceptable" result that I can live with.

The other discouraging part so far has been gluing the shoulder pads onto the Secutors. The pads themselves don't have any slotted areas, despite the shoulders having a small raised square. One model also has a hose that prevents the shoulder pad from fitting into place. I'll have to trim the pad a bit, which makes me nervous and therefore more likely to stall.

Hopefully I can pick up some momentum soon. March 21st will be here before you know it!


  1. It's not TOXIC so much as it's an irritant... :)

  2. With regards to power cables have you tried cutting a length of regular wire and manipulating it to the correct shape with pliers and what not. Then use the hot water technique to mimic the wire. Possibly tack it on with a drop of super glue.

    As to the shoulder pad I can only recommend a strongly worded letter to forge world.

    1. The wire is a good idea! I'm not worried enough about the shoulder pad to cause a stink, especially since FW have been so kind to me over the years.

  3. I figured about the shoulder pad. Still trying to find the sarcasm font.

    Good luck with your mechanicum and adepticon. I look forward to seeing what you are up to with the fledgling blog.


  4. Dragonforge Designs makes pewter power cables in various diameters that are easier to bend and cut than guitar strings. You could easily replace the resin FW cables with pewter ones and save yourself a lot of heartache. They would be perfect for the Salamanders Pyroclasts as well.

    I was listening to your idea for the tarantula on the IC podcast and had an alternate idea. I happen to have an assembled, unpainted FW Tarantula with heavy bolters that I will never use. I would like to donate it to your Mechanicum Army so that all of your stuff is FW. I will happily mail it out to you asap if you send me your address.